Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Its been awhile...

Ok I know I haven't kept up with updating the blog... which really kinda of upsets me to be honest!

I have been extermely busy! So here goes nothing...

First thing, I got a promotion at work! :) Pretty excited about it. I am now the Senior Sales Coordinator (I may add that I am the youngest one). I got a little raise and I get to hire a Sales Coordinator that will report to me. It has been almost 2 months now and I still have not hired anyone. Mainly because I have been so busy so finding time to interview is a struggle but I have a couple of applicants who I really like so maybe by the end of the week! (Wishful Thinking!)

Greg and I have been super busy with the house! Which I love... I have accomplished more in the time that Greg has been at the house then the past year I have been living there! He is beyond AMAZING! We painted my bedroom... light purple with a 8in white stripe about a quarter of the way down from the ceiling and then that is outlined with a 1in gray broder on both the top and bottom. We also got a fan installed... My mom and I tried to put it up ourselves and Greg sat there shaking his head thinking that we were crazy... Which we were! We couldn't get it (surprise...surprise...) but when we walked downstairs Greg had already called a friend who was going to come over the next night and put it in! That happened and now I have a ceiling fan in the master bedroom and in the living! What a difference they make! To finish up the bedroom we went to Ikea and bought white furniture. A big dresser and a couch table (long table that you would put behind a couch) which is where the TV went. I love the room! All I need is to all the detail decorating!

The other big project is the backyard! I can't take any credit on this one at all. The only thing that I did is come up with the idea and pay for it. Greg put in pavers to make a patio right out the door! We used a gray/brown tuscan pavers which is really nice. He is finishing it up as I sit here and write.

After he finishes the patio up he is then going to put in a garden along the back wall for me :) It will be about a foot wide which will be perfect! I am really excited for it! I can tell you right now that the first plant that I am planting are 2 Star Jasmine plants. They smell amazing and are really cute! Hopefully I can plant tomorrow!

Greg has been super busy with football these past few months. Had a couple of tryouts, played for a semi-pro team and working out like a crazy man! He also got a new agent which in my opinion is a really good thing! He seems really passionate about his players and doing what is best for the individual (he reminds me of Jerry McGuire. It's pretty funny!) Greg's last tryout was the big one (really important) and he trained really hard for it. It was for the Las Vegas Loco's, a UFL team. We just heard back a couple of days ago that he is on the "interested" list which is really good. Just waiting to here when they are going to bring him in again! Greg also played on a Semi-Pro team, the Glendale Bulldogs, which actually is ranked as the #1 Semi-Pro team in the nation! Pretty cool... they are going to play in the National Championship (superbowl) here in a couple of months! Greg was also ranked the #1 kicker in the league! He is still working really hard which is good to see so hopefully (keep your fingers crossed and your prayers for him) something will happen soon for him. It is not easy to keep your head on straight with all the politics involved but some how he does it!

Lets see here... oh ya our latest trips!

The first trip was just a day trip to Sedona for hiking. It was awesome! I couldn't tell you where we hiked because we just pulled over and started up. We brought all three dogs (which every time we do we always ask ourselves "what were we thinking" when we get them out of the car) and they loved every second of it! Sui and Leia played in a creek (Micky hated every second of the water!). We climbed up to the top of a little cravis that over looked a valley and we watched the tour helicopters go by us. Then we climbed to the top of the mountain which allowed us to see the other side. Simply gorgeous! After we got down from the hike we drove around just taking in all the scenory. We stopped and had dinner at the Oak Creek Brewery which was really good! The rest the of the weekend the dogs slept and then slept some more!

The second trip was to Grand Junction, CO. My home town. We went for 4 days (Drove in late Wednesday night and left Sunday afternoon). It was so nice to go home and see the family. Thursday my sister (Taylor) did my hair and once again my amazing boyfriend sat there with me! That night we met Hollie and Daniel for dinner at the Ale House. Oh how I miss them. I still see them as some of my Best Friends but the funny thing is we haven't seen each other in seriously 3 years. Hopefully we won't let that happen again!
On Friday I drove Greg up to Telluride and Ouray. It was a typical Spring day in Colorado. We got just past Montrose and it started snowing. And it didn't stop the whole day. We went to Telluride first. The ski area was completly closed down but it was still gorgeous. We then drove down to town and had lunch at the Brown Dog. A cute little sports bar. There saying was "Sit. Stay. Eat." Loved it! And good pizza! After we were done with lunch we drove to Ouray where we first stopped at the Box Canyon Falls. There are no words that can describe how amazing the falls are. Pictures don't even do it justice. They were closed because there was still so much snow on the trail. I mean piled snow! Don't worry that didn't stop Greg. He climbed his way back to the falls took a video and some pictures! He was like a little kid! After the falls we went to the candy store and proceded to spend $20 on candy (I know, no big surprise with the 2 of us). Then we went to the hot springs! Loved it! In the hot water surrounded by big mountains and a light snow. So cool!
On Saturday we hung out with my mom and grandma. We took Micky over to play with my grandmas new dog Sadie. It was cute. We then took my mom to hit golf balls at Tiara Rado and then Greg went hiking with Taylor up to Devils Kitchen.Then that night we had a BBQ for my sister and cousins birthday. It was fun to see everyone and yes I have to take a little pride and say they all loved my cooking!
Sunday morning before we left we went on a hike on the Corkscrew trail and then up to Liberty Cap on the Monument. It was Greg, Taylor, Claire and we even got my mom to go with us! After we finished Greg, mom and I met Dan at Taco Bell. Greg said "wow we just burned a lot of calories and now we are going to Taco Bell!" my response... "Welcome to Grand Junction!"
Then we made the trip home. The three dogs were once again exhausted which meant they slept the whole way home! It was such a good get away trip! I miss Colorado but maybe one day I will end back there!

That's all for now. I am going to post pictures of everything here in the next couple of days so check back!

Hey by the way I created another blog. A place for me to tell you all about my crafts, projects and recipes! Check it out!

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