Friday, May 14, 2010

A little update...

I really don't have much to update about but here is what I have...

It is finally starting to get HOT here. I think this weekend is going to be the last "nice" weekend. Kinda makes me sad, everyone else in the country is pumped for summer and here in Arizona we are dreading it... A LOT!

The dogs are crazier than ever! Leia (husky) is still shedding. I tell her on a daily basis that she looks like a disease dog! She always has new clumps of fur coming out of her! Matsui is well Matsui. His new thing climbing on the table below the TV while we are watching TV. I guess he knows that we will always get up if he goes up there. So he has done it 3 times in the last 12 hours! Micky is loving the weather that is coming! He loves the new patio, he lays in the sun and sunbathes! I'm not kidding there are times you have to go out there and touch him just to make sure he is still alive! For all three the new thing is Hawaii. For some reason when you say "You want to go to Hawaii" they go nuts! Maybe its a sign :)

Greg is still training... Hard! He met Terrence Richardson who played at ASU. Him and Greg are now training together everyday. It is pretty cool cause Terrance has practicing rights at ASU. The gym and the field. Thank God Greg was in the right place at the right time to meet him! Greg's next try out is on May 29th.

Me... I am just working away. I am need of a long vacation... SOON! We have been playing a little golf and I am actually playing pretty well! The only problem is that I can't break the headaches afterwards. Right now it seems like these headaches are consuming my life. I keep trying new things and nothing is really working. The next step, find a doctor to see if there is anything they can do for me! Keep your fingers crossed!

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